HCOA Gallery wall space dimensions

11′ ceiling with molding strip at 8’ and wall space as follows (measurements approximate, within 2 inches):

• 15’x 8′
• 11.5′ x 6.25′(this wall does not go all the way to the floor)
• 10.25′ x 8′
• 7.25′ x 8′ and 13′ x 8′ (these two walls are at a 45 degree angle to each other)

Numerous pedestals (14″-36″ height; center of room must be able to clear for other events)

Before submitting an application, please read carefully the Gallery Exhibit Guidelines.

Gallery Exhibit Guidelines

Applications in all media and formats including solo, group and interdisciplinary arts are welcome. Preference is given to Homer, Kenai Peninsula, Alaskan Native, and Alaskan artists. Questions may be directed to the HCOA director (907) 235-4288.

The HCOA Gallery is booked through 2022. We will accept applications on a rolling basis for openings beginning in 2023 and for the SPH Gallery.

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