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I have been gathering and growing the majority of my food for the last several years. After an unplanned early retirement, my gardening turned into both a full-time job and a full-time visual project. These images were shot throughout the summers of 2021 and 2022, then worked on, finalized and printed during the Winters. They were all taken soon after harvest with the resulting set ups influenced by the available light. The final pieces transform each part of my harvest into a celebration of color, shape and texture, while providing the viewer an opportunity to stop and appreciate the simplicity of the fresh harvest.

The Fruits of Our Labor

A Photography Exhibition by Susan Johnson 

On display in the SPH Gallery January 2- February 26th 2024

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“It is a simple beauty that comes from the Fruits of Our Labor, a simple thrill derived from the picking of the daily harvest. For the small grower, there is an immense sense of pride in the final product. Even if it’s not technically grocery store perfect, it is perfect, because it has been lovingly looked after, cheered on through every stage of development, eventually ripening into the eagerly anticipated harvest.

Our food sources are often taken for granted and it is important for us to learn more about them. We should also take the time to understand and respect the work involved. Growing one’s own food is a full-time job for sure, but the effort is so worth it to be able to continue to taste the harvest throughout the cold and dark of Winter. During this time of quiet, while we still enjoy the stored fruits of this year’s bounty, it is a perfect time to start planning for next year’s harvest, and for next year’s photo project.”

-Susan Johnson