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Lines in Focus artist Sharlyn Young uses intricate designs and vibrant color to show texture, movement, and feeling. Whether taking inspiration from the wildlife of Alaska or beloved childhood toys, she brings a new focus and color to the world around her.

Artist Statement:

In my art I use bright color and intricate designs to add interest and movement to the subjects in my pieces. This use of color and detail create a unique expression of how I like to see the world.

Artist Bio:

Sharlyn Young sees beauty and intrigue in the colorful and sometimes mundane world around her. Whether observing clouds of moon jellies in Tutka Bay, the gentle meanderings of a lazy moose, or remembering fantastical childhood adventures, her inspiration flows from these experiences and a deep love of creating.

At an early age, Sharlyn began collecting and cultivating her artistic skills. From fiber arts to watercolor and pen & ink, she is a collector of creative hobbies. At first, art was a way to refocus herself when transitioning from school or work to being home. Since moving to Homer in 2006, Sharlyn’s art has become a way to add color to the long white winters of Alaska.

Sharlyn has been fortunate enough to work in one of the local schools, which has given her the opportunity to pass on her love of art to the youth of Homer. Sharlyn is excited and looking forward to having her first exhibit, Lines in Focus at Homer Council on the Arts. She uses watercolor and India ink to create her colorful interpretations of local wildlife and beloved childhood toys.

Sharlyn lives in scenic Homer, Alaska with her husband and two children.