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Norwegian Hardanger & Flat Fiddle Workshop with Rachel Nesvig

In this two part workshop, Rachel will give a presentation on the differences between the Hardanger Fiddle and the violin (or flat fiddle).  She will play some Hardänger Fiddle tunes to compare the sounds and there will  be many opportunities for questions!

In the second part of the workshop, Rachel will teach 1 or 2 Norwegian tunes on the violin to anyone who has an instrument, including double stops and traditional ornaments.  All are welcome to attend the second portion of the workshop, even if you don't play the violin.

The HHS Green Room is across the hall from the Mariner Theater stage door. Access by the cast/crew entrance west of the loading dock, or if entering via the main entrance/commons, proceed down the first hall as if entering the theater audience, then continue past the theater. Directional signs will be posted!

*There will also be a refresher with Rachel from 4:30-5:30pm before the performance on Friday (at 6pm), where you will have the opportunity to join in and participate!*