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An art show for the love of coffee using coffee as a medium to paint, sculpt, and model. A variety of techniques and manipulations are explored and possibilities of the dark beverage stretched!

Artist Statement

What beverage has brought so many together? True local spirit I think is found in cafes and bistros and the gate to community and conversation lies within them. Of course to some, coffee is just a part of life but to others it is a never ending story, an exciting phenomenon. Through the years I have fallen deeper into the intricacies of the whole java process of roasting the beans, the geography of growing the coffee crops and cultural significance of its consumption. Of course this warm spicy energetic liquid has seduced many and today’s coffee culture is as accessible and alive as ever! Thank you founding fathers, Sufis and goats for this “Arabian wine!” Oh elixir of prayer and elevated thought process.

From painting wildlife and superheroes for over 10 years in Homer and with a lean towards textured painting, I finally decided coffee as an art medium must seriously be explored. I started experimenting with the bean as a paint and sculptural substance in 2018 and still am finding new things to do with it. Applying the fragrant brown spicy liquid to different surfaces and sculpting with grounds has become a labor of love! To me it all conglomerates beautifully as a beverage and cultural prompt. These paintings explore a wide variety of methods and coffee “adhesions” to mostly canvas materials. I hope you enjoy this sienna colored ‘play with your food’ show!

Julianne Tomich’s Background

Fine arts schooling and commercial mural training