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Beauty and the Beach: Small Views from Seldovia

Artist Bio:

     Making art was as common as making a meal while growing up as the daughter of two artists. My father made his living as a commercial artist and my mother was always sewing, crafting, and when she could find the time, painting. Art came naturally and there was an endless supply of art making supplies in our home. I also was fortunate enough to grow up in an era where art was a valued part of school curriculums. This foundation was solidly in place when I moved to Alaska in 1978. In Alaska, I pursued art professionally through the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, looking for the formal training and inspiring teachers. The first media I really dedicated my time and passion into was ceramics, but also continued with drawing and design classes. During my degree path at University of Alaska- Fairbanks, I made the decision to take some teaching courses along with my art classes and this led to my lifelong career as an art teacher.

     I received my degree in Elementary Education with an Art Minor in 1989 then a M.Ed. in Art Education. My first classroom teaching job was in St. Mary’s in Western Alaska and then on to Wrangell in Southeast Alaska. I returned to Fairbanks in 1999 and was hired as an Art Specialist for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, and retired in 2018 as the Art Coordinator. During my time as an Art Specialist, I pursued a personal art career as a collage artist in a variety of mediums. My professional and personal art journey led me to becoming a co-owner of the 2 Street Gallery in Fairbanks, as well as a member of many Alaska organizations focused on advocacy in support of Arts in Education.

     I’m now living in Seldovia, with my husband, where we have built our new home. I currently volunteer as a ceramics teacher at the Seldovia Pottery Studio. I was fortunate to have had so many influential teachers and artists in my life and giving back feels full circle. As a lifelong artist, my interests in art are always evolving. Living in Seldovia offers me the opportunity to be a student again, learning about the ocean, coastal weather, ocean life, and care needed for sustainability of our natural resources. My artist brain loves to absorb new colors, textures, patterns and am now searching for new visual vocabulary still waiting to be discovered at the edge of our ocean.

     My newest creative venture has been to use found objects from the beach near my home and create maricultural inspired collages. Learning how to design and photograph these time sensitive portraits pushes me forward, a slow and steady tide on my art making journey.

In between the heartbeat of the waves, I discover nature’s art at my feet. From timeworn sea glass to the life sustaining kelp, the wrack line offers daily entries to entice my curiosity. Collecting and learning about the biodiversity and fragility of the living inhabitants at the ocean’s edge offers an endless palette of discovery. Using this palette, I design and photograph my macro landscapes from the beach near my home in Seldovia, Alaska. Each photo is created to show a world of unique elements created by the ocean environment. I return all living things to the ocean soon after photographing them as all nutrients are vital to the health of the sea.”

– Jenifer Cameron

First Friday Opening Reception: July 7th 5-7pm

Join artist Jenifer Cameron for a  hands-on activity during her First Friday opening reception in the HCOA Gallery.

Cast a look into a new perspective on nature and expand your views of the close relationship between nature and art using magnifying eye loupes to discover the fascinating hidden textures, colors and patterns in kelp and other beach treasures. 

All ages are welcome to come and experience this hands-on ocean life and art activity.

Beauty and the Beach will be on display in the HCOA gallery through July 31st