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Learn to Build a Ceramic Cabinet of Curiosity with Xochitl.

This 2 day workshop will take you through the process of creating a slab built Cabinet of Curiosity or Altar before decorating using sgraffito carving techniques .

Saturday, August 19th 1-4pm – Build your ceramic altar out of slabs.

Sunday, August 20th 1-4pm- Decorate your cabinet of curiosity using sgraffito techniques.

Xochitl is our newest staff member here at HCOA. Learn more about them on our staff page.

A Cabinet of Curiosity is made to hold and display you trinkets, treasures, found objects, plants, or anything else you want.  In this work shop you’ll create your own small cabinet to hang on a wall or place on a shelf or table. The cabinet will be no bigger than 8 inches in width or length and 3 inches in depth but may be in an shape or configuration you like. After constructing your cabinet on day one, they will dry overnight. On day two you’ll decorate your creation with a combination of painting and sgraffito carvings.

All materials will be provided

Open to everyone ages 14 and up