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This show is born from my curiosity, intrigue, and a divine pull toward the cross-cultural practice of ancestor veneration. I have used medium format film to capture imagery that reflects each of the primal elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. I am considering these elements as our greater collective ancestors and will be building an altar to each. In the Center of the exhibit I have left a space for the spirit element. Here is a place for community members to bring a paper photograph, letter, or prayer to hang in an effort to create a collective space for remembering, honoring and connecting with our beloved dead.

About Carly Garay

I am a visual artist and teacher originally from Homer, Alaska. I have recently returned to Homer to be near my family and this community of creative and intelligent people. I am also here to appreciate and enjoy the tremendous natural beauty around Kachemak Bay, as well as to restore a sense of balance and home to my personal life.

I have a formal education in both art and art education. I earned a Bachelor's degree in fine art from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and I have earned a Masters degree in Art Education with a focus on Social Justice from Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon.

I have no formal religious affiliations and maintain an eclectic and intuitive approach to magick, spirituality, and art. I have been blessed with the experience of living in Oregon and being able to attend the Pacific Northwest Magickal Conference and the Portland Plant Medicine gathering for several years. That community (many of whom emerged from the Blue Iris Mystery School), opened my mind and my heart to a wide variety of perspectives on subjects such as magickal practices, storytelling, time, ancestral lineages, dreamwork, honoring and respecting cultural heritage, recognizing and dismantling systems of oppression, connecting with allies, and creating community through non-traditional educational offerings.

I am grateful to bring these experiences to community spaces where we can co-create, grow, and learn things that bring us a deeper sense of connection and wellbeing.