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AnnaLisa Cox

On view at SPH in September and October

Artist Statement

I use bold, rich, vibrant, multi-dimensional colors, as well as other globally sourced ingredients, to create one-of-a-kind fluid acrylic paintings that not only change when placed in different lighting conditions, they also engage the viewers imagination to find a way to explain and express what is seen.

Artist Bio

AnnaLisa spent much of her childhood around her grandmother, who shared her passion for all art forms with her. They frequented art galleries; discussing color, technique, and texture as they viewed the exhibits on display. Sharing a mutual love of vibrant colors, they enjoyed doing art projects together. During their projects her grandmother would teach her about color theory and composition. Inspiration for their projects frequently arose from a desire to create something beautiful with the colors they saw in the world around them. They enjoyed discussing how they could use the different colors they saw in their various projects. Her grandmother often purchased many of her special paint colors one tube at a time. But prior to purchasing some of the special tubes of paint, they would discuss what the color would be used for and plan the coordinating colors.

After losing her grandmother, Annalisa inherited many of her grandmother’s painting supplies, including the special tubes of color that they had spent so much time discussing. That final gift gave AnnaLisa the opportunity to explore fluid acrylic painting without fear of failure to put all that passion for color into her own style of painting.

*The pictures of these paintings were taken outside in full sunlight. Due to the interference pigments used, the colors within the paintings change based on the lighting of the room they are placed in. Some colors in particular shine really bright in sunlight but become more subtle in a darker room, out of direct light.

Contact HCOA with purchase inquiries at (907) 235-4288 or hcoa@homerart.org