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Panda Mick's RV Park and Stay-In

an installation by Abigail Kokai

Textile artist Abigail Kokai has fabricated a world of little fuzzy haired characters that have manifested into human-size form as they visit Panda Mick's RV Park and Stay-In. Through a collection of small sculpture, air-blown inflatables, and paintings Abigail has constructed a universe of creature comforts inside the gallery.

Located on the fringe of civilization, in the remote coastal town of Homer, Alaska, Panda Mick’s is the smallest RV park around. Here, you can enter an alternative universe, which provides shelter from the storm of reality. You can enter a time when feelings, friendships, and freedom were much simpler…and everything was tactile. Your favorite toy was a stuffed animal, and it went everywhere with you. And that handmade quilt on your bed had magical powers against monsters or bad days. You ‘believed’. Here you don’t have to believe; just…BE. Enjoy your time at Panda Mick’s.