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Artist Statement

I grew up in Connecticut, the daughter of a Farmer. I went on to pursue a career in photography and ended up living in the Boston area for most of my life. Over time I have found that the roots are still there, back in CT, planted deeper than realized. I spent a lot of time on my uncle’s dairy farm, the kind with a white farmhouse and a big red barn. When we drove out to visit my cousins, the scenery became greener as we got closer to Farm Country. The air changed and we all got more talkative as we drove.

When I chose to move to Alaska, Homer and its large farming community seemed like a good fit. I needed some open space after living in the city for far too long. When heading back out East at day’s end, hitting the first rolling hills never failed to make my heart race a little bit, bringing me back to a simpler time, leaving the day's stress behind as I drove.

My favorite view was on the way back into town, looking out over Mr. Bellamy’s fields, with the red paddock and house and the property sprinkled with horses, or cows or llamas. I often planned to stop there on the way to photograph at the beach, but on many unplanned occasions, the scenery made me stop, and I was late to wherever I was headed to.

Each of the images presented here was printed, matted and framed by myself. They are 12x16 archival ink jet prints with acid free mats and 16x20 black metal frames. These images were taken off and on over a period of several years and they are presented to you now in the general order of the seasons. I hope that you enjoy this collection of memories as much as I have enjoyed preparing and presenting them for you.

Susan Johnson

All pieces are 12x16 Archival Ink Jet prints, printed and framed by the artist
Framed with 16x20 black metal frames, matted to 12x16
All pieces are for sale for $250. Call HCOA with purchase inquiries at (907) 235-4288 or click here to purchase online.

“A View from Out East”

A Collection of Memories from My Way into Town.