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Homer Council on the Arts 2nd Friday Performance Series presents


Friday, August 12 @ 6pm
Admission by Donation

PREPMODE will talk about the art of Turntablism and offering a performance that will challenge the audience to open their minds on the many ways in which one can be a "DJ." He will give the audience tips on tricks to listen for within the performance to enhance the listener's experience. After the performance, PREPMODE will give spectators a brief history on scratching records and allow participants to try their hand at the first scratch all Turntablists learn. This will be an interactive and engaging program for all ages with diverse musical interests. Cost to the public is a suggested donation and a willingness to consider that a DJ can be a musical artist as well as any other instrumentalist.


PREPMODE has performed internationally in 11 countries and his scratching and mixes have been heard on TV shows and commercials as well as in retailers such as H&M and Banana Republic.