1st: In Gratitude to John Prine by M.T. Samuel of Homer

2nd: skinny raven girl by M.T. Samuel of Homer

3rd: Good to Know by Emily O’Connor of Homer

Grades 10-12

1st: Detached by Serena Fankhauser of Homer

2nd: My Enemy by Thea Person of Homer

3rd: Change by Eryn Field of Homer

Grades 7-9

1st: Outshine the Sun by Ainsley Boss-Harmon of Homer

2nd: The Sea and the Stone by Ainsley Boss-Harmon of Homer

3rd: The Ocean by Britta Velsko of Homer

Grades 4-6

1st: Stuck in the Middle by Maci Miller of Kenai

2nd: A Pencil Yellow Birch Leaf by Sawyer Johnson of Homer

3rd: The Mysteries of Night by Elliott Hatten of Soldotna

Grades K-3

1st: Dark and Deadly by Keva Campbell of Homer

2nd: The Fall Poem by Scarlett Bernard of Kenai

3rd: Grizzly by Keva Campbell of Homer



1st: Signe and the Snow by Elizabeth Chilson of Soldotna

2nd: Everything He Touched by Franco Venuti of Homer

3rd: Kodiak by Jason Steadman of Soldotna

Grades 10-12

1st: The Janitor by Theo McDonough of Homer

2nd: The Wilted Lily by Hannah Stonorov of Homer

3rd: Fallen Hero by Zach Marley of Homer

Grades 7-9

1st: Punks by Breyan Cathey of Homer

2nd: One Mysterious Night in Alcwood by Amy Sevast of Kenai

3rd: Anotherworld by Micah Sevast of Kenai

Grades 4-6

1st: Dog-on Hike by Nevaeh Gregoire of Homer

2nd: Snow in Googerville by Isolde Panarelli of Homer

3rd: November Sky by Ani Cook of Homer

Grades K-3

1st: Judy the Sled Dog by Harper Bross of Soldotna

2nd: The Dragon by Nate Kearn of Homer

3rd: The Found Bunny by Mallory Primm’s K-1 Class at Tiny Trees of Homer



1st: Other Bloods by John Messick of Soldotna

2nd: Home by Michael B. Rearden of Homer

3rd: Nicky and Elizabeth by Catherine Mendenhall of Kenai

Grades 10-12

1st: Where Art Thou, Romeo? by Ivy Daly of Kasilof

2nd: By Twos and Sevens by Olivia Glasman of Homer

3rd: The Creature by Simon Gucer of Homer

Grades 7-9

1st: Laced with Pretty Blue Flowers by Rebecca Trowbridge of Homer

2nd: N/A (insufficient entries)

3rd: N/A (insufficient entries)

Grades 4-6

1st: That’s Baseball by Elias Kratsas of Kasilof

2nd: Sailing with Dolphins by Ilsa Gutschow of Homer

3rd: Ready for Anything by Ames Kincaid of Homer

Grades K-3

1st: The Crazy Water Bottle by Maggie Lints of Homer

2nd: Puppy Piercing by Haddie Kincaid of Homer

3rd: My Brother’s Hawaiian Birthday by Layla O’Neal of Homer