Facility and Equipment Rental

Homer Council on the Arts sits at the West end of Homer’s Pioneer Avenue Business District. With property spanning Woodard Creek, HCOA is an anchor of the cultural conglomeration that includes the HERC complex and the Pratt Museum and Park.

Occupying the former Pate Insurance building, HCOA’s main floor features the gallery which hosts monthly exhibits and small performances. In addition to administrative offices and meeting space, HCOA rents two studio spaces to like-minded arts businesses (currently Carol Comfort Piano Studio and The Green Room piano studio). The gallery features a Yamaha U7 piano.

The basement was renovated in 2020/21 as a multipurpose arts classroom. The space includes an educational ceramic studio including 6 throwing wheels and an electric kiln firing to cone 6. There is also a 4×8’ light table and equipment for stained glass assembly, as well as many other traditional form of 2- and 3-dimensional art. A separate room features an audio mixing studio running ProTools Carbon with an isolation/voice-over booth. It is necessary to entry the basement via stairs.

HCOA’s full acre-plus property extends to the east of the building and parking lot, and has provided a gathering space for the Mary Epperson Day Craft Faire and pop-up drive-in theater screenings.


HCOA’s gallery and basement classroom are available for rental, either separately or as a package, as well as a collection of event supplies and production equipment.

Discounts are available for members.

Please see the rental inquiry forms, and contact us if you have questions.