Ceramic FAQ’s

Do I need to bring any supplies? 

All supplies are provided for any ceramic class or workshop. You’re welcome to bring your own tools if you have them, but we do not allow outside clay or glaze materials into the studio.

Can I bring in my own clay?

No. Clay is made from a combination of silica and various minerals like alumina, potassium, calcium, iron, ect. The makeup of a specific clay body is what determines the temp it can fire and the color of the clay body, how glaze materials will interact with the clay. In order to avoid cross contamination that could lead to extremely costly mistakes, we only allow our clay in the studio.

Can I use my own glazes?

No. Glazes are made of a various materials that all work together to make them stable to fire at certain temperatures and atmospheres. Because there is such a big chance of a glaze being formulated wrong for our firings and that leading to costly repairs or replacements, we don’t allow outside glazes in the studio. There are some commercially produced premixed glazes that maybe approved with an ok from our studio manager.

Can I just use the kiln to fire my work without taking a class? 

No. While there may be a possibility of community firings in the future, HCOA is currently focused on provided consistent and reliable equipment to our ceramics classes only.

Can I purchase clay from HCOA if I’m not taking a class?

No. At this time HCOA only provides clay for participants of out classes and workshops.

Can I order clay through HCOA?

No. At this time HCOA is only ordering clay for our own classes and workshops.

If I have miss a class can I make it up during an open studio?

There are circumstances where you can make up a missed class at another time with approval from our studio manager. Please email the office at hcoa@homerart.org to discuss options.

Can I teaching a ceramics workshop?

Absolutely! We are always excited to partner with community members to host classes and workshops . If you have an idea for a workshop, please email Scott at director@homerart.org with the details so we can help facilitate.