We are grateful to everyone involved with HCOA–from gallery visitors and workshop participants to our volunteers and major funders. Just as a live performance requires an audience (more or less), HCOA needs you.

Thank you to the generous donors who financially support programs and operations. We have introduced a new program to recognize these movers and shakers of our local arts, reflecting their annual gifts:

Thank You to the volunteers who support our programs! From staffing and setup at the Nutrcracker Faire to ushering for performances, we can’t create community art without all hands on deck!

Thank you Artists! Gallery exhibitors, teaching artists and guest performers create the magic that brings us all together!


The Alaska Community Foudation
Alaska State Council on the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
Western States Arts Federation
City of Homer Alaska
The Grog Shop
Th Homer Foundation
Rasmuson Foundation

Programs of Recgnition

Impresario ($2500+)
Co-Producers of HCOA’s programming who provide major underwriting.

Virtuoso ($500-$2499)
Masterful individuals, truly dedicated to art in whatever form they fancy.

Connoisseur ($100-$249)
The conscientious patron who appreciates the value and importance of art.

Prodigy (up to $99)
The next promising generation, passionate and dedicated.


Christine Abrahamson
Bay Excursions LLC
Bodett & Company, Inc.
Diane Borgman
Richard Chiappone
The Classic Cook
Gerald Clemens
Rick & Sharlene Cline
Drs. Denice & Roger Clyne
Cheryl Illg
Jay-Brant General Contractors LLC
Lori And Wayne Jenkins
Margaret & Stephen Johnson
John & Donna Martin
Ocean Shores Motel
Renee & Sam Patten
Jack Will
Sonya Young


Susie Amundson
& Marty Zeller
Deland Anderson
David Bakken
Annette Bellamy
Lorri Davis
Derry & Associates, Inc.
Mark And Mary Edminster
Paul & Betty Joan Eneboe
Evans Cloud
Charitable Fund
Kim Fine & Max L. Mitchell
Rick Foster &
Dotti Harness-Foster
Mannfried Funk
Devry Garity & Rob Downey
Allison & Malcolm Gaylord
David, Lisa, & Mady Gerard
Kathleen Gustafson
Richard & Nell Gustafson
Mercedes Harness
Todd Hindman
Cherry & Fred Jones
John Lancaster
Ken Landfield &
Sue Wohlgemuth
Dan And Sue Laplant
Flo Larson
Nancy Lord & Ken Castner
Linda Martin
Milli Martin
Neil Mcarthur
Shannon Mcbride-Morin & Chris Morin
Rika & John Mouw
Jody Murdock
Jackie Norvell
Ginnie Oliver & Aaron Christ
Debbie & Jack Oudiz
Nelton & Megan Palma
Peggy Paver
Elissa Pettibone
Craig Phillips
Lynda Reed
Jane Regan
Dave Ritchie &
Angela Brock
Sarah Robertson & Glenn Caldwell
Sherry Robinson
Arlene Ronda
Ruby Haigh – Jars Of Clay Pottery
Turid Senungetuk
Adam And Marcy Allen Sevi
Lynn And Hal Spence
Dana Stabenow
Jeff Szarzi
Lisa Takeoka
The Ciri Foundation
George Trudeau
Olga Von Ziegesar
Claramarie “Coowe” Walker
Evelyn And Gary Waltenbaugh
Jane And Bill Wiebe
Sandy Williams
Bryan And Karen Zak

In-Kind Support

Bay Avenue Inn
Rick & Sharlene Cline
Grace Ridge Brewing
Grog Shop
Homer Brewing Company
Juneberry Lodge
Kenai River Brewing Company
McNeil Canyon Meats
Ocean Shores Resort
Sweetgale Meadworks & Cider House